String Handler Move 3-on-3 by Brummie


A simple, game-like drill that helps to incorporate decision making for handlers receiving the pull

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Start with two offensive handlers, A and B, and an offensive cutter, C, lined up on the endzone line. Three defenders – D1, D2 and D3 – should line up opposite them level with the halfway line.

Step 1

Image of String Handler Move 3-on-3
  • Set up


  • Brummie says:

    Make sure that your cuts are decisive; defenders should fear being beaten deep enough to give you room to come underneath.

    If there's space, be adventurous and throw there! If there's one thing that elite teams do well, it's knowing how to use space effectively. Learn what works for you and your team.

    You know you're doing this drill correctly if you're able to generate a power position scenario from the pull, and A has a simple, uncontested throw to C

    The exact distance that the defender starts away from the offence isn’t important; we are trying to simulate receiving a pull.

    If D1 over-commits then there’s always the possibility of A running straight past them for a deep throw; keep the defender on their toes!

    To make this more difficult, add a second defender and/or chase harder!

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