Sideways Game by Dominick Smyth


As a teams understanding of ultimate develops, they should look to use all areas of the pitch - namely forward, backwards and sideways. This game uses a short, but wide, pitch to encourage side to side play due to two scoring areas for each team on opposite sides of the pitch.

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Mark four squares, roughly 2.5m a side each. These squares should mark the corners of a rectangle roughly 25m x 15m.


Offense > Defense

Step 1

Image of Sideways Game
  • Similar to a regular game, objective is to catch in endzone to get a point. The difference is each team has two endzones they can score in.
  • Other than split endzone, play under normal game rules.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    With two scoring areas available, if offense finds one side of the pitch crowded they should look to 'swing' the disc to the other side.

    To get to the other side it may be necessary to go backwards.

    When a thrower decides to throw backwards, team mates should get ready to receive the disc on the other side of the pitch instead of the side the team is currently on.

    Encourage defenders to still play one on one defence and not just stand in scoring area in an attempt to win. This is a learning exercise, not just a game to be won.

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