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A lighthearted game to practice catching under pressure while also joking with other participants.

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Participants form a tight circle with dominant foot towards the middle. One participant has the disc ready to softly throw above everyone’s head.


Player with disc throws for all players. Any number of players may attempt to catch. When all players are ready, new thrower repeats.

Step 1

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  • Player with disc throws above all others.
  • After a successful catch, the player in possession shows disc to other attempted catchers.

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  • Dominick Smyth says:

    All throws should be soft and floaty above everyone else's head.

    Any number of players may attempt to catch.

    If more than one player attempts to catch, the successful catcher should teasingly 'show' the disc to the unsuccessful catchers.

    With a large number of participants, it may be practical to make multiple circles of 7-10 people each. When a person unsuccessful attempts to catch they get teased AND should move to a different circle. This gets the group mixing and competing against all other participants.

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