Running 500s by Annie Glasspool


This drill is simply about running, taking position and competing in the air. In the original drill, players received 100 points for each successful sky, and the first to 500 won, hence the name. Running 500s has far better applications on field than the static version, and is safer too

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Player A has the disc.
The other players form two stacks to the right of A with the furthest right slightly further forward.


B>C>D>E>F>G Player A can be either cycled through, or a strong deep thrower

Step 1

Image of Running 500s
  • Setup

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Annie Glasspool says:

    It is important to emphasise avoiding contact in this drill. The only contact that is permitted in ultimate is incidental contact (in WFDF rules this applies for the entirety of the game, in USAU it applies until the disc is caught). While players may keep themselves between their opposition and the disc, they should not initiate contact or lean on a player for position.

    Players should cut deep parallel to the sideline and not veer into the path of the disc until it is thrown, allowing them to see the disc more easily and translating to a bigger window for the thrower in game. Beginners should focus on reading the disc - they need to be aware that the disc will move towards its lowest side. More experienced players should focus on keeping their opposition out of the space where they believe the disc is heading. The huck should be thrown early and floaty to give players plenty of time to read it and compete for position.

    Feel free to change the shape of the throw, and the spacing of the cutters, to suit different scenarios

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