Poaching the lanes by Annie Glasspool


Poaching the lanes is a smart defensive strategy; here we learn how to frustrate handler counter-strategies while clogging the lanes

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Players A, B and C set up as three handlers
Defenders D1, D2 and D3 set up as chase and two players in the lanes in front of the disc.



Step 1

Image of Poaching the lanes
  • Setup


  • Annie Glasspool says:

    Remind players of the double team rule. In this case D1 and D3 must remain at least 3m from player B. (discussion about what to do if offence comes within 3m coming up next)

    Encourage tips to defend the lanes by their body positioning. For example, where C looks to make a forward cut, D3 moves to intercept this with her body.

    For the purposes of the drill a break to a central cutter deep of the two tips is not allowed. At this point in a game players would be picked up by the mullet.

    Since players ahead of the arrow would have been picked up by the mullet in a game, encourage the offence not to linger in this space. They should attack into it, and be picked up by defenders while doing so, but should then return to the handler space, rather than try to progress the offence through the hole left by the mullet.

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