Moving Receiver by Dominick Smyth


Since throwers can not move, receivers must. This introduces simple movement and throwing to space.

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Mark the corners of a square, 7-10m a side. A starts at bottom left, C at bottom right, B at top right. Top left is empty.


A throws to B, B throws to C, C throws to A.

Step 1

Image of Moving Receiver
  • B runs towards empty corner.
  • A throws towards empty cone for B to catch.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Look to throw to the space the person is moving to, not where they are at time of release.

    The receivers movement will highlight if throws are curving sideways so effort required to keep throws flat.

    Receivers should wait until thrower is ready to throw so as to avoid reaching the cone and having to stand and wait.

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