Hasami Markers by Moe Sameshima


The objective of the drill is to practice how the defenders position themselves when the disc swings.

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Three handlers, A, B and C, spread themselves across the width of the field, the disc with B in the middle of the field. An offensive popper, E, stands 15m downfield from B in a box measuring 18m x 18m in the middle of the field. Three defenders, D1, D2 and D3, position themselves in front of B to prevent passes to E.


A > B > C > E > D1 > D2 > D3. Try several repetitions with each player staying in the same spot before rotating

Step 1

Image of Hasami Markers
  • A, B and C are acting as swings and are therefore fairly static, rather than running downfield.
  • Begin by taking one throw at a time, with the defence readjusting for each throw.
  • Refer to the Hasami theory page for details.

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  • Moe Sameshima says:

    A, B and C swing the disc around; start slowly to begin with.

    D1, D2 and D3 must position themselves to ensure that there is no easy throw to E; be sure to look behind while the disc is moving

    E must stay within centre ⅓ of the field

    To begin with, E can provide feedback to the defence; are they leaving any easy throws open? Call a stop, show them how to reposition, then begin again

    As the defence gets better, increase the speed with which the offence swings the disc, and try to actively get the disc to E

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