Dump to Iso by Brummie


This give and go variant takes advantage of the marker's position to isolate someone immediately after throwing the disc backwards.

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Footage courtesy of JFDA


Begin with the disc with a handler, A, marked by D1, and a dump, B, in a central position behind A, marked by D2.


A > D1 > B > D2

Step 1

Image of Dump to Iso

Step 2

Image of Dump to Iso
  • A takes a step upfield to ‘Seal the lane’ from D1

Step 3

Image of Dump to Iso


  • Brummie says:

    The lead pass is best thrown with a curve, as this will cause the disc to slow down as well as keeping the flight path further from the receiver, making it easier to read.

    See Sealing the Lane

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