Disc Chasing by Dominick Smyth


This simple game of chasing aims to teach players the benefit and importance of moving away from the disc.

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Mark the boundaries of a playing area – a 20m x 20m square. Identify one player (bib or arm band) to be chased. All other players are chasers.


A player continues to be chased, "The runner", until they are caught. When caught a new player becomes the runner.

Step 1

Image of Disc Chasing
  • The team of chasers attempt to "tag" the runner while observing the rules of ultimate! The runner can only be tagged by a player holding the disc, and all chasers must observe the usual rules, particularly travel, non-contact and avoiding blocking fouls.
  • Therefore, the chasers need to pass and move together as a unit.
  • The runner's goal is to avoid being caught by moving away from the disc as it is passed from one chaser to the next.

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  • Dominick Smyth says:

    While a light hearted game that can easily serve as a warm up, be sure to emphasise how the runner moving away from the disc each time it is thrown helps keep them safe and will relate to making space for team mates when playing ultimate.

    Chasers should try be aware of how hard it is to catch the runner if the disc isn't moving, or is spending too much time in the air and giving the runner time to react.

  • Brummie says:

    During games of ultimate, if an attacker is stationary or staying in one area of the pitch, they are the only person who can get the disc there. If they are willing to move out of an area than any of their team mates will be able to move into that space to receive a pass.

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