Deep Defending by Annie Glasspool


This drill aims to give players the opportunity to see how far into the deep space they can allow an offensive player to get before having to reposition. Often in a game it can be helpful for the deep defender to push in, in order to decrease usable space for the offence and increase pressure, but this can never be at the expense of leaving a player unguarded in the deep space. This drill helps players to work out how far they can be, without that player being 'unguarded'.

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Thrower A has the disc
Cutter B sets up hucking distance from thrower A
Deep defender, D1, sets up as far from receiver B as they dare.
Remaining players form a stack in pairs behind thrower A
This drill is best for groups of 7 to 15. For more then 15 players split into multiple drills.


A is consistent hucker, not in rotation. D1>B>D1>B, cycle through in pairs alternating O and D.

Step 1

Image of Deep Defending
  • Setup

Step 2

Image of Deep Defending
  • Thrower A throws a huck to cutter B. Defender D1 has to get to A in time to make a play on the disc.

Step 3

Image of Deep Defending
  • D1 & B then return to the stack and the next pair D2 and C set up in their place.
  • Players rotate through in pairs making sure they alternate O & D.

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  • Annie Glasspool says:

    Players staying in the same pairs (D1&B) throughout this drill and simply switching O and D can be helpful to allow them to make adjustments without too many variables.

    Encourage players to talk to their partner confirm whether they think D1 was close enough or how they should adjust. They should consider whether they arrived in time to make a play (if not, start closer to B), and if they were stood waiting for the disc (set up further from B), as well as whether they successfully intercepted the disc.

    Weather conditions, as well as the relative strengths of the defender & receiver, plus the skill of the thrower, will all have an impact on how far away you can poach off. You want to make the throw tempting, yet risky for the offence.

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