Cup Movement by Brummie


How should a cup react when the offence escapes the sideline trap?

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A handler, A, starts on the sideline, surrounded by a cup of D1, D2 and D3. Other handlers, B, C and E, are spread across the field. Defensive wings D5 and D6 occupy space along the sides of the field between the disc and offensive threats F and G, while defensive middle D4 guards against potential pop cuts behind the cup. Finally, D7 guards the deep space.

Note that all positions here are simply possibilities; adjustments in position by offence should be matched by defence, and vice versa.


It's best to have a few players stick to their roles, rather than rotating everyone through every position. Just play these like games, starting in a trap set up.

Step 1

Image of Cup Movement
  • Initial setup, with the disc on the sideline.
  • Again, this is a guide; feel free to alter offensive and defensive positions based on the way that you prefer to play
  • Whenever a throw is described, treat it as a guide; take what the defence gives you. If they overplay one threat, attack another space.

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