Buffering by Caroline Ma


Buffering allows defenders to stick to their defensive priorities while the cutters explore different attacking options.

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A thrower A starts with the disc. D1 applies a one way force. B sets up as a down field receiver, 10 to 15m away from A. B is marked by D2.


D1 > A > D2 > B

Step 1

Image of Buffering
  • B has 15 seconds to get open, BUT they are only allowed to jog.
  • D2 is allowed run at full speed.

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Caroline Ma says:

    Remind participants to think about how much space they can give the attacker as they move to different areas.

    In the first iteration, don’t allow the throwers to actually throw, but they can give feedback if the option was open. After everyone has had a go, if the option seems very open, throwers may hit the cutters.

    To start, the buffers may be quite large, as participants improve and shut down options, prompt them to slightly decrease their buffers.

    Number one priority is stopping the open under, even if the defender is buffering correctly, they need to not get beaten here. Tell them to increase their buffer for this space if necessary.

    This can be made a scoring game for defence as follows:
    3 points - if defenders get a block, force a turnover or stall out.
    2 points - if cutters catch it in the break side
    1 point - if cutters catch it in the deep space
    0 points - if cutters catch it in the open under space

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