Basic Throwingby Lloyd Cheesman


Warm up with some basic throwing shapes

Steps & Diagrams
Tips & What next?

Pre-Requisite Drills:


    Remember to stop, pivot and fake; this is "finishing the drill" and makes your catching & throwing more game-like

    Descriptions assume a right handed thrower

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Set 1: Flat Throws

RepsThrowPivotReleaseShapeFacing AngleAimsGame Context
4BackhandComfortableMediumFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw
4BackhandLowReleaseFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw
4BackhandHighReleaseFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw
4ForehandComfortableMediumFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw
4ForehandComfortableLowFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw
4ForehandComfortableHighFlatStraight OnAccuracyOpen Side Throw

Set 2: Roll Curve

RepsThrowPivotReleaseShapeFacing AngleAimsGame Context
4BackhandComfortableMediumRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break
4BackhandLowReleaseRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break
4BackhandHighReleaseRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break
4ForehandComfortableMediumRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break
4ForehandComfortableLowRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break
4ForehandComfortableHighRoll CurveStraight OnAccuracyAround Break

Set 3: Inside Throws

RepsThrowPivotReleaseShapeFacing AngleAimsGame Context
4BackhandComfortableMediumFlat45◦ left of receiverAccuracyInside Break
4BackhandLowReleaseFlat45◦ left of receiverAccuracyInside Break
4BackhandHighReleaseFlat45◦ left of receiverAccuracyInside Break
4ForehandComfortableMediumFlat45◦ right of receiverAccuracyInside Break
4ForehandComfortableLowFlat45◦ right of receiverAccuracyInside Break
4ForehandComfortableHighFlat45◦ right of receiverAccuracyInside Break



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