Attacking the disc by Annie Glasspool


Learning to "go to" the disc is an important step for beginners. This drill emphasises the importance of "attacking the disc"; running all the way through the catch, to secure possession.

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Player A has the disc 5m from a cone.
The other players form two stacks either side of player A.
Players should be paired off with a partner of a similar pace over 5m where possible.



Step 1

Image of Attacking the disc
  • Setup

Step 2

Image of Attacking the disc
  • Players sprint out in pairs, and turn sharply at the cone.

Step 3

Image of Attacking the disc
  • They compete for a gut pass from A.

Pre-Requisite Drills:



  • Annie Glasspool says:

    If you have had to have unevenly matched pairs, challenge the faster player to begin slightly further away. Players should be reaching the cone simulateously.

    Players must run through their catch, rather than stopping in order to be sure of it. Encourage players to treat this as a competition, in order to make it more like catching under pressure. More experienced players can be encouraged to layout in order to attack the disc.

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