Archery by Caroline Ma


This game helps participants figure out how to alter their throws to space at different distances. To develop this skill, overthrowing is better than underthrowing, as it is better to practice trying to get the disc to sit into space for someone to run onto.

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Starting cones are positioned away from the thrower – 5m, 10m and 15m or 10m, 15m and 20m depending on the skill level of participants. The thrower, A, has a clear throwing lane. The receiver, B, will complete 2 reps from each start cone. An optional defender, D1, can be put on A.


A takes 6 consecutive throws. B will start at each cone twice.

Step 1

Image of Archery
  • A throws into space for B to run onto.
  • If A is excelling, they can be challenged to throw earlier and control the speed and flight of the disc.


  • Caroline Ma says:

    This game can be scored as follows:

    +2 for every complete throw to the cutter in stride (running into the disc)

    +1 for overthrowing your cutter

    0 when the cutter is waiting or clearly slowing down for the throw (even if its a completion)

    0 for incompletions.

    This scoring system helps to gauge improvement and inform the participants goal.

    After all participants have thrown, the thrower with the most points is declared the winner.

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