3H Sideline Reset by Brummie


This is a simple reset pattern for a downfield dump to get the disc off the sideline

1-6 Vertical StackHandler ResetsSidelineSwinging the disc
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A handler, A, starts with the disc near the sideline, marked by D1 who applies a trap mark. An upfield reset, B, stands 3-5m upfield of A, guarded by D2 who stands between A and B on the open side. A cutter, C, stands behind B in a vertical stack angled off the sideline, with a continuation cutter, E, at the back of the stack.


D1 > A > D2 > B > D3 > C > E

Step 1

Image of 3H Sideline Reset
  • B, in the 3H position, attacks up the line


  • Brummie says:

    In a real game scenario, take whatever options present themselves. However, for the purposes of drilling the reset, simply fake to the first cut up the open sideline and instead practice pivoting to hit the around throw.

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