3 Person Drill – Modified by Dominick Smyth


A simple drill that gets people putting on a one-way force to push opponents to one side of the pitch. Also gives new throwers time to get used to a defenders presence.

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A handler, A, starts with the disc, marked by C. Another offensive player, B, starts 3-8m downfield of A.


Receiver > Thrower > Marker

Step 1

Image of 3 Person Drill - Modified
  • A throws to B

Pre-Requisite Drills:


  • Dominick Smyth says:

    Wait for the marker to check the disc in before throwing.

    Don't just run in, approach slow and low to ensure that the mark is effective.

    The defenders goal is not to stop all throws, rather to make it harder and less appealing to throw to one side of the pitch.

    As the thrower, try to resist any fear or panic the defender may cause. Instead, recognise the space you are being given to throw and take it.

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