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Stefan Rekitt has coached the German open ultimate national team for many years now, winning the bronze medal at EUC 2011, the silver medal at EUC 2015 and EUC 2019, and leading the team to the quarter-finals at WUGC 2012 and 2016. Previously, Stefan coached the German juniors winning the silver medal at WUGC 1996. When he started working as a litigator in an international law firm he retired from playing actively. Though, he played in the German open (and juniors) national team, won German and Danish titles with his club teams Mir San Mir (Munich) and Fenris (Copenhagen) and participated at Worlds and European club championships several times. As a coach Stefan sought to improve constantly over the years. He flew to the United States for USAU Nationals in 2012 - 2017 to gain insights in what he calls an “internship” with Ironside coach Josh McCarthy.