26 June 2010 Elite Skills Clinic 2010

The inaugural Elite Skills Clinic brought many of Team USA to the UK to give an international flavour to a training camp

Beau KittredgeBrummie

In the inaugural ESC, Brummie led a group of the world’s finest players and coaches; Beau Kitteridge, Dylan Tunnel, Bart Watson, Cara Crouch, Cree Howard and Jolian Dahl of Team USA 2009 World Games, along with Ben Spears (Chain Lightning), Sam Harkness (Sockeye), Michael Natenberg (Doublewide) and Jinny Eun (Seattle Riot) flew in for the event.


Coaching staff at the inaugural ESC

Aided by Brummie and Daniel “Colonel” Furnell of GB World Games, we hosted 185 players in an epic two-day training camp.


Q&A at the ESC