8 June 2015 Dublin 2015

Brummie joined two of Dublin's club teams for bespoke practices, and also led a session open to all


Brummie ran three clinics in Dublin in early June 2015; one club practice with Dublin Gravity, one club practice with top Irish team Ranelagh, and one session open to all.


Club session with Gravity

The club sessions were planned in conjunction with captains, according to their individual needs; Gravity were keen to work on deep throws and using momentum to attack the break side; Ranelagh worked on man-to-man defensive positioning and initiating movement off the pull. The final session of the week looked at cutting patterns in side stack and team poaching schemes, and was attended by players from several nations attending the Dublin Golden Cup that weekend.


A great week; huge thanks to Mark Earley, Emer Staunton and everyone at Dublin Golden Cup for being gracious hosts


Brummie going into some of the tactics involved in a poach set