27 January 2018 Clapham Ultimate Skills Clinic 2018

Clapham Ultimate host their first skills clinic of 2018, sponsored by Flik! An opportunity to hone skills, regardless of ability level, from a wealth of highly experienced players that make up the best Men's team in Europe.

Alex Brooks

Long Throwing

As part of this station Josh and James discussed the concepts behind throwing deep. Some of the content discussed is included here:

In addition to the above content the following drills are great for practicing your deep throwing:

Effective cutting and defensive positioning

This station covered the arts of defensive positioning, timing continuation cuts and cutting intelligently to take advantage of the defender’s position.

The concepts discussed in the first drill, which ran a simple Away or Open Under to explore different defensive positions, are elaborated detailed in the links below:

The second drill, which focused on Timing Up & Unders, revolved around the following theory points:

Finally, we looked at the “7 cut” (Open, or then Break Lateral), allowing us to access the break-side of the field easily using an open-side throw (The Undefended Channel). Additional theory to this can be found here:

Breaking the mark and forcing

Effective Marking:

General body position:

Reacting to the thrower’s movement:

Game situation:

Breaking the mark

With regard to breaking the mark we discussed the value of pivoting and maintaining a low and stable body position. Using the visual of a clock face we also established the benefits of moving the mark using a dynamic pivot. By combining these features we can effectively move the mark and throw a controlled pass to the break-side of the field. Additional content on breaking the mark can be found here: Breaking the Mark.

Clinic Content



Diagonal Away Throw to Straight Cut (trap force)by Brummie


Inside Throw to Lateral Cutby Brummie


Over the shoulder lead passby Brummie