11 March 2018 Bologna: Field Clinic

We got to work with the Italy u19 programme, women and men, covering skills and tactics across several offences.

BrummieLloyd Cheesman

u19 Women

Session 1

We started by looking at the concept of Upfield Dump (“3H”), then used a drill to practice the Downfield Lateral cut. We also added a continuation cut, like Away to Open Under

We then introduced the concept of Sealing the Lane to create space and make life easy for the offence; we repeated the first drill but with the cutter now making sure they seal off the space first.

We then finished with a few games of 3v3 on a small field, with no reset behind the disc, encouraging us to look for downfield throws, and to use the front of stack reset handler.

Session 2

We worked on cutting as a pair in horizontal stack, and breaking the mark in a dynamic setting.

Our first drill was Peppermills – Open Side Away; we added defence on the cutters, and either hit the first open side cut with the second cut coming back to the break side as continuation, or we just waited for the second cutter (steps 3 & 4 in the drill linked here).

Next we practiced our long throws with Diagonal Away Throw to Straight Cut (trap force)

We finished with a themed game playing horizontal stack and initiating movement as a pair.

u19 Men

Session 1

We started with side stack cutting 1-on-1 by Engaging Defenders Also read this: Engaging Defenders

We looked at expanding our deep throws by attacking different angles via Cross-field Away Throw – Front Side.

Then we combined the two into mini games of side stack 3v3, running the first drill fully defended, and letting the cutters take any available options.

Session 2

Our first drill was Peppermills – Open Side Away. We then added a deep continuation throw to the break side
Ho stack break to continuation deep; see Cut Underneath – Break Side (step 5). Finally, we made this movement more dynamic by initiating via Peppermills – Open Side Away (steps 3 & 4) to get the disc moving to the break side, then finishing with deep continuation as before.