11 August 2018 Bath, 2018

Alice BeechingBrummie

A Day in the Life of a GB Squad

Points to consider throughout practice:

  1. Intensity: when we’re on stage in a drill or game, we bring maximum intensity. We will have plenty of rest periods between reps.
  2. Focus: again, when it’s time for us to drill or play, high levels of focus are required. There is time for goofing off and relaxing, but if we want to step up then we need to bring all our focus.
  3. Push your limits: We can only improve if we push our limits. No-one cares if you make mistakes today, and if it helps you become a better player in the future then it’s worth making mistakes.
  4. Embrace failure: Success only comes from failing lots and lots of times!

Individual Skills 1: Increasing the distance on your forehand huck

  1. Tight grip
  2. Lead with the elbow
  3. Throw hard

For a lot of people, this also involved keeping your feet still to reduce balance problems. If your throws are leaning then it’s likely that you are too! :-) Try to make sure that your torso is upright and you are releasing the disc without showing the underside to the wind.

Individual Skills 2: Intelligent cutting; how to create a throwing lane

  1. Engage your defender: the faster you run at your defender, the harder it is for them to guard you! People will always run forwards faster than they can run backwards, so you’ll force your defender to turn their hips… when they do, strike! Read more here: Engaging Defenders
  2. Seal the lane: put your body between the defender and the space you want to attack. Read more: Sealing the Lane
  3. Hold your position: after creating a cutting lane, make sure you don’t give your defender a chance to get back and make a play on the disc. Try to keep the defender on the other side of your body to the disc, and don’t run under the disc as your defender will have a chance to make a play on the disc.

Individual Skills 3: Playing Better Defence on Cutters

  1. Know your priorities: all players are fulfilling a role within a team, so it is vital that the team all works together. See more here; Establishing Defensive Priorities
  2. First step defence: whenever players are changing direction, be ready to use your first step to block off their cutting lane
  3. Hold your position: push cutters wide, give them the open side, don’t just follow them but remember to protect the most important space on the field

Want to know more? Shutting down the cutter in the open lane

Individual Skills 4: Guarding Handlers

  1. Move if your player is moving; see Stopping the up line cut
  2. Dictate which shoulder they must take; see Choosing a shoulder
  3. Remember your priorities; you can’t stop everything! See more here; Establishing Defensive Priorities

Team Skills: Horizontal Stack Fundamentals

  1. Keep the stack short! We want to huck as much as possible in horizontal stack so start your cuts near the disc and don’t drift too deep.
  2. Peppermills to initiate movement
  3. Generate flow using the secondary pair. See Cutting, Clearing and Maintaining Flow

Read more: Horizontal Stack

Team Skills: Zone Defence & Offence

Drill: Toolbox

Next, we’ll look at throwing into space. Most people who play zone defence throw to static players, but that gives an advantage to the defence because they know exactly where the disc is going to be caught and this “static” view of the field is easier to defend. By making movements you can drag defenders around and generate space. When the cutters work well, the throwing is EASY because there are multiple options and lots of space to throw into.

Drill detail: Attacking the field through throws

Drill: Throwing into Space

Drill: Tag-timate!