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Learn to play Ultimate with Flik.

Flik will help you to plan your training sessions using a huge library of ultimate drills, practice plans, diagrams, videos and theory articles.

All written by some of the best players in the world.

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Make sure this is your best year yet! Prepare your body to perform at your best with a tailored program for every level of experience.

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Beau Kittredge

"Wow... impressive. Flik is legit."

Beau Kittredge | Ultimate Superstar | Flik Coach

Learn what works, and why.

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Learn the game movements and throwing shapes used by elite players worldwide

Our unique, modular approach means that we start with fundamentals - using video examples from elite ultimate games - and work all the way up to game scenarios

Focus on the details with our coaches' tips

Incorporate decision making into drills, to see how teams bolt together fundamental movements to form unstoppable offences

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We know the feeling. Practice starts in 20 minutes and you have no idea what to do... we've got you covered

Choose one of our many themed sessions to learn how to play, to improve your skills, or to get plenty of game reps

Even better, you can easily create your own sessions using any of our drills, and save them all for future use. Easy!

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Want to know more about why elite teams play the way they do?

We've pulled together wisdom of players from across the globe and condensed it into easy-to-digest diagrams and notes

What's more, theory articles are linked to drills so you can put theory into practice

Who wouldn't want to know more about how to play like the best?

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Team Analysis

Flik is based on real team play. Come with us as we take a closer look at some of the world's best teams in action

We've got Revolver, Brute Squad, Riot, Sockeye, Ironside and Molly Brown, to name just a few

Each video clip of these teams in action is broken down, play-by-play, and linked back to the drill patterns that they use

It's never been easier to learn to play like world champions like Revolver or Riot

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Join thousands of ultimate players from across the world.

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